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Have you always wanted to increase your website’s user interaction by reviewing services, products or anything? We at Flytonic understand all your needs and have designed a premium Review WP plugin. The Review WP plugin is an easy, but powerful way of reviewing content without any significant effect on the speed of your website. If you are a blogger, there is a high chance that you occasionally rank or review recipes, tools, services, products or other content on your website. The review WP plugin is a custom and lightweight tool for creating reviews, point rating or percentage and includes reliable support for translation, unlimited colors, Google rich snippets, and WPMU. All you have to do is download and install it following the easy to follow steps.

Casino Review WordPress Plugin


Reviewing Casino websites has become critical in today’s eCommerce business. It has been proven as one of the best ways to generate traffic and increase sales.

Do you want the best product review WordPress plugins? Anyone running a review site needs the best plugin to help them to make their posts more engaging, displaying snippets, linking affiliates and editing ratings.

In this post, we will present you with a list of the best review WordPress plugins that you can count on to make your review website more interactive.

What exactly do you do when you need to purchase something? Most people start by checking product reviews so that they can compare it with different options.

It is, for this reason, there are many popular review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, TripAdvisor, Yelp and many more. The same applies to even the biggest online store across the globe, Amazon prominently features product reviews.

Most WordPress website owners write reviews about products to generate money online. Some bloggers are directly paid by the company while others have to rely on affiliate marketing to earn money. Customers can also get free slots to play as free deposit bonus and promo offers.

Although you can write product reviews as a blog post, a plain blog is not formatted as a product review and for this reason, it is not enticing to search engines. For this reason, the blog will not be outlined in the search results as reviews.

For improved SEO, you should write the reviews with the schema rich snippet format. The product review plugin can help you create SEO friendly reviews which will also help improve the appearance of your website.

Why Use A Review WordPress Plugin?

There is a specific amount of elegance that readers expect when they read reviews. Readers want links, snippets, stars, and perfect comparison tables. Unfortunately, you cannot deliver that solely using WordPress post editor on their own. Your content may be awesome, but still missing the perfect fact that your audience expects from a quality review.

However, you have no reason to worry because you can use the best review of WP plugins to give your readers what they want. The good news is that it will be very easy for you to use.

Choosing the right WordPress plugin makes it easy to create professional reviews without much effort. All you need to do is write your review, know the score and add them to the right parts in the plugin editor part.

At Flytonic, we have identified the best review WordPress plugin to make it easier for you to choose the right one.

1.   WP Product Review

Are you looking for the best review WP Plugin? Here it is. This is the best WordPress review plugin for your products. This comes with a comprehensive settings part that allows you to choose the way you want to display and manage reviews on your site.


It is very easy to add product reviews. All you need to do is choose the product review option when creating your blog posts and the WordPress plugin will highlight all settings. You can opt to break down the review into the introduction, pros, and cons, add images, features and more.

The plugin features sidebar widgets that allow you to illustrate your reviews. It can also be used to gather user-submitted reviews and allow your audience to add their reviews and ratings in the comments section. These reviews are highlighted format of rich snippet for maximum SEO benefits.

The review tables are fully customizable. Modify the colors, the width, borders, and the rating icons so they can match your business. There are more than 10 rating icons for you to choose from including hearts and stars.

This plugin is available free of cost, with only the basic tools to collect and change the color of the reviews. However, you have the option to upgrade to a paid plugin where you only pay $59 annually.

Also, charts with in-depth comparisons are available.

2.   WP Review Pro

With about sixteen pre-made, fully customizable templates, this is a plugin that makes posting reviews so easy.

You get to select your most preferred snippets, the expected rating model and even display your reader’s opinion with this flexible plugin. Also, you will be happy to know that it works with all Flytonic themes available.

WP Review

Also, WP review pro features multiple integrations. You get to integrate your plugin with other platforms such as Facebook reviews, Yelp and Google reviews. The plugin can also be integrated with eCommerce if you want to run an eCommerce website.

WP review pro is translation-ready, mobile-friendly and optimized for speed with endless custom widgets.

3.   Taqyeem

Taqyeem works with custom post types, posts, and pages. It is very simple to use and has multiple customization alternatives to always make sure that your branding is top class.


Taqyeem is SEO friendly and is ready to translate.

You also get to select from endless colors, with over 500 fonts and many review scoring icons.

Many formats are available with this plugin. You pay a $29 onetime fee unless you plan to upgrade your support.

4.   Schema Rich Snippets

As mentioned earlier, it is always very important to make sure that your reviews are presented in the best SEO friendly format. The Schema Rich Snippets plugin will allow writing various types of blogs utilizing the rich snippet format that includes product reviews.

schema pro

All you need to do is choose “item review” from the drop-down menu if you are writing a blog post and this plugin will display possible review options such as the star rating, product name, and the reviewer name. This information will be displayed just below your article with the right search engine optimized markup.

The plugin could also be utilized to add software, recipes, products, articles and more.

5.   Rich Reviews

This is a free, easy-to-use WordPress plugin that you can use to add reviews of your website, services or products. Also, you can allow your users to submit their reviews.

rich review

This plugin uses shortcodes to showcase reviews and you can use it to display the review on any section of your website including sidebar widgets, pages, and posts.

In case you are collecting the user-submitted reviews, Rich Snippets plugins allow you to approve the reviews manually before they can be published. The settings panel of the plugins comes with comprehensive guidelines on how you are supposed to install and use it.

Do you want to rank at the top of your competitors? If so, All in One Schema Rich Snippets is the plugin that you are looking for.

These snippets usually permit you to combine your reviews into important information. You can also add ratings, photos and a summary of your thoughts to allow the search engines to understand what they need to display.

6.   WP Customer Reviews

This plugin is effective when it comes to collecting customer reviews and the creation of unique product reviews. Once it has been activated, all you have to do is edit the blog post where you should add the product review. You can also check the review option.

WP Customer review

Afterward, go to the Reviews>>All Reviews section and select the add new button. Then you can choose the article. You can then start writing your review. This plugin allows you to activate reviews submitted by the users that can then be approved and published to be displayed on your site.

The plugin will allow you to personalize the review form displayed for the users and show how to use the web page.

The WP customer review plugin is ideal when using a multi-user or multisite, reviewing platform. It allows you to have total control of submissions made by users. This allows you to choose and moderate whatever gets published.

The reviews are attractively displayed to your readers, nonetheless, search engines view the microformat. The good thing about this is that it allows you to have a snippet of both worlds. This is because you get to please the search engine crawlers and your audience at the same time.

Speed optimized and lightweight, WP customer reviews will not in any way slow your site, even when using their customized rating icons and scales.

There are two plans available for this WordPress plugin, a pro, and a free version. You do not have to pay anything to use the free version. Nonetheless, you have to pay $49.99 annually to upgrade to the pro version which comes with additional features and unlimited support.

7.   Site Reviews

Site reviews permit you to gather user reviews of local businesses, services, and products. This comes with the simple settings webpage that allows you to check the best way you can collect reviews and how you will display them. Furthermore, the review forms can be customized to display anywhere on your site utilizing a shortcode.

It also allows you to showcase reviews utilizing the shortcode. Also, the plugin adds a very simple to use shortcode inserter within the post edit screen for manually displaying reviews, review summary and a review form.

8.   WP Business Review

The WP Business Review is the plugin you must be looking for in case you are searching for a powerful review plugin.

The WP business review is available at a small cost of $99.50 annually and this includes basic support and a license for a single website. You are free to upgrade to other plans for it to include more sites and this will save you some money. This plugin does not provide any free versions, although this is primarily because it comes with an extensive range of premium features that cannot be matched by other plugins available.

WP Business Review

A major reason you should try out this plugin is that it allows you to achieve so much without technically doing any work to display customer reviews on your site. All you need to do is download and install the plugin on your website and connect with external platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Once WP Business review plugin has been installed on your website, pulling in any new and existing reviews on Google, Facebook and yelp platforms will be easier. Also, you can add the custom reviews and then filter the negative reviews to determine which come through.

9.   Google Reviews Widget

This is a standalone widget whose function is completely different from the ones listed here. Rather than let users write reviews on your site, Google reviews the widget plugin collects all your existing Google business reviews. It also displays them on your website. The plugin work as a widget and the reviews can be placed in a sidebar, footer or header.

google review

Although the plugin is free, you have the choice to upgrade and pay $85 per year to get the business license version of this plugin.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have everything you need to know about the best review WP plugin, you can make an informed choice that will improve your website. We are very confident that you will also love Flytonic’s WordPress plugins and themes. We have a reliable WordPress platform that will Turbocharge your site and you never have to worry about limited support. At Flytonic, we provide you with unlimited 24/7 support from a highly experienced WordPress development team. Our main aim is making sure that you have the right plugins you need for your review website.

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