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Virtual Assistant Services- Installation and Support

10 steps to increase your wordpress website speed

Looking for ways you can do more within a short period? Outsource the time-consuming and Let Flytonic professional Virtual Assistant Services for iGaming , casino and gambling affiliates do it for you!

At Flytonic, we pride ourselves on having a professional team of personal assistants (VAs) for iGaming , casino and gambling affiliates  with many years of experience. We provide administrative support, secretarial and executive assistance for individuals, professionals, and businesses across all sectors but specialize in iGaming , casino and gambling affiliates . We have operations and clients across the globe, including Los Angeles, New York, Monaco, Amsterdam, Toronto, and London.


Wordpress Support

Do you need help managing your busy lifestyle or complex diary? Or temporary support for a venture or project? This is where Flytonic comes in. Our wide range of services is versatile and specialized to meet your needs. We are quick to learn how your business operates and offer suitable solutions.

We understand that businesses are unique with different priorities and demands. With your committed Flytonic personal assistant, you will have enough time and energy to focus on improving your business, leaving our experienced virtual assistants to take care of your business, administrative and support requirements.

  • This product covers WordPress installation and theme installation on 1 domain only for 29 euro

Our VA’s digital expertise includes email marketing, sales funnel optimization, blogging, SEO, website optimization, content marketing, and social media management. Also, you can outsource to us administrative work and critical business support tasks so that you get time to focus on other important things that you enjoy doing. From the traditional personal assistant/virtual assistant tasks such as managing your contact lists or databases to researching your competitors, scheduling appointments and managing your diary or emails, our virtual assistants will save you both time and money.

Our Other Services


virtual assistant services


Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Are you having difficulties trying to balance between your business and a growing to-do list? Let our dedicated virtual assistant to deal with your tasks so that you can focus on growing your enterprise.

Social Media Packages

Engage with your prospects, showcase your website, boost your site traffic and enhance your customer satisfaction rating.

Virtual Assistants for Authors

Life as an author can be extremely hard to manage, leaving very little time for writing. Our virtual assistant will work with you to make sure everything is done as it should be so you can get back to actual writing.

Other Services Include:


  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Newsletter creation
  • Blog writing
  • Word processing
  • Calendar and email management
  • Online customer support
  • Setup and management of social media
  • HR Services
  • Lifestyle management
  • Emergency cover

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a professional personal assistant (business assistant) who works from a remote station to support professionals and support businesses with a wide range of projects and tasks.

 The abbreviation of the virtual assistant is VA. Virtual office assistant offers technical, administrative and social assistants to their customers mainly from their home offices. Virtual assistants are different from employees as they operate independently, therefore, clients can’t be deducted money for taxes, profits, and insurance.

But, all these expenditures will be added to their salaries. The clients pay all the cash for the already done work. Normally, they communicate and deliver data through phone conferences, internet, fax machine, and email. Currently, they are making use of the latest technology like slack, Skype, and google voices.

Social media has become a necessity for many people of late. When it comes to small firms, operators use 6 to 10 hours every week doing marketing on social platforms. However, players should preserve their golden time and hire virtual assistance.

Virtual assistants work from home and if there is no language barrier can support businesses and professionals anywhere across the globe. Unlike other employees who are employed by a company, virtual assistants are hired, in the same way; you can a contractor or an accountant. This works to save you extra expenses on things like training, equipment, tax and employer insurance.

A virtual assistant will offer invaluable support to your business without any additional expenses of hiring an employee. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the increasing workload from your business, this may be the best time for you to hire a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant will play an important part in helping your business grow – from showcasing your website to creating content for your blog or website and managing your diary, there is a limitless list of tasks you should consider outsourcing. Most small businesses are now resorting to hiring virtual assistants to try to handle the increased tasks. 


Why Choose Flytonic Virtual Assistants?

At Flytonic, we specialize in social media services to showcase your website and professional virtual assistant services for authors, entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • No recruitment headaches, no fixed salaries.
  • Time and money saving solutions for your business

Our VA’s are qualified and experienced to work with professionals and businesses in different sectors including:

  • Students and Education
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Importers and Manufacturers
  • Charities
  • Event Planners
  • Nutritionists
  • Website providers
  • PR Firms
  • Lifestyle/Leadership/Business Coaches
  • Writers/Authors
  • eCommerce/Retail

Digital Marketing for Businesses

  • We have over decade years of experience in building successful inbound online strategies using various digital marketing tools.
  • Our virtual assistant will work on your website’s SEO and optimize the content to showcase your website by boosting traffic.
  • We have a qualified team of professionals, specializing in content creating approaches that will attract new visitors to your site. Also, our experts will help design a marketing funnel for you to help increase conversion.
  • If you want to establish your business online presence and reach out to your prospects all you need to do is contact us.
  • With the unwavering support of our friendly digital marketing virtual assistant, there will be no need for you to waste time setting up emails, creating content strategies, researching keywords or optimizing your website’s SEO. Let us do all that for you!

 Looking For the Best Support For Your Professional Practice Or Business

There is no doubt that you need the right virtual assistant for the time consuming, endless tasks. Small businesses are growing fast and if you need a reliable virtual assistant who matches the level of expertise your business needs, hire Flytonic’s highly trained, qualified and experienced virtual assistants.

Choosing the best virtual assistant to support your business is very important. Save time, money and effort by hiring Flytonic’s professional virtual assistant. Flytonic is a reputable virtual assistant provider that provides dedicated virtual assistant services for professional practices and businesses. Now, grow your professional practice or business with our qualified, skilled and experienced virtual assistants to give your enterprise an edge over your competitors.

A virtual assistant is not a real person, but an employee who works remotely to handle social media work from a client. The best VA’S should at least have 5 years of experience. A committed worker is the one who works in an office and is managed by the company they are working for.

Generally, virtual assistants can be called as an online sales assistant, online administrative assistant, and an online personal assistant. Office space and network should be offered by the firms they are working for.

Virtual assistants can be people or even firms working remotely and independently to provide various services to both clients and firms. They can provide various virtual assistant services like social media marketing, customer service, secretarial work, and website editing among other tasks.

Roles that can be assigned to the virtual assistance

  • Creation of profiles on social media on separate sites
  • Creation of google page, Linkedln, and Facebook for your companies
  • Making performance metrics
  • Researching on different sources to come up with new content to update on social media.
  • To interact and increase the number of customers on different websites.
  • Doing background analysis of other competitors

Roles of a virtual assistant working in a real estate

  • Doing research on properties and making a report
  • Answering all questions from the emails
  • Calendar management
  • Managing database
  • Campaigning for your real estate website on all your social media platforms
  • Doing phone calls and emailing individuals who are included in the closing procedures
  • Creating articles and blogs that will be used during marketing
  • Doing a follow-up on investors and buyers
  • Adding ADS ON Zumper, Postlets, and Zillow

 Pricing Details

Once you place your order, an invoice will be sent to you after we have reviewed the project and the time needed to finish the work. Our price starts as low as 15$ per hour only.

We have flexible plans to fit your workload.

All Plans Include:

  • Highly trained professionals with over 5 years’ experience.
  • Available from Monday to Friday
  • Direct communication via direct messages, email, and phone
  • A qualified account manage

Our flexible and transparent pricing structure makes it easier for us to manage costs. Call us today or email us via the contact page.

Balancing work and private life can be tricky at times. One great way to maintain the balance is by outsourcing the tasks to a reliable virtual assistant company. At Flytonic, we strive to provide the best virtual assistant services to make sure that you focus on other important things.

We are a reputable virtual assistant service agency that prides itself on extensive experience in the industry. The virtual assistant services offered by Flytonic can be anything from schedule management for organizing emails. Modern technological advancements are also helping the company achieve its objectives innovatively and effectively. Our virtual assistant company is one of the best ways through which agencies get their work done on time.

Hire an Experienced Virtual Assistant Who Suits You Best

Are you looking to get your tasks completed on time? If this is the case, you can ensure you get the best by hiring an experienced virtual assistant. Our qualified virtual assistants will personalize their writing in a style that matches your assignment. Furthermore, our virtual assistants will employ the best business objective strategy to ensure you get what you need.

We bring tailored virtual assistant at your service

  • Complete control over a team of professional virtual assistants.
  • A Flexible hiring model based on your needs
  • Around the clock access to virtual assistant service via message and call
  • Dedicated customer manager to boost business productivity
  • Versatile subscription plans with a cost-effective hourly rate
  • A highly experienced virtual assistant

Why Our Virtual Assistants are the Best

Each of our virtual assistants resides in the USA and is college-educated. They have an in-depth college education and know what they must do to serve their clients.

Ready to Get Started Instantly

Based on their interests, experience, and existing skills, we train our virtual assistants more to fully understand what our clients need. With continued training on different tasks and tools, our Flytonic assistants are always ready to get started. Also, they are experts in making sure that you get the best, not overwhelming.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant with More Support

You get a dedicated Flytonic assistant to work with you. With us, you don’t have to deal with more than one person. Although many Flytonic assistants can deal with almost any administrative work, if there is something unique, then your Flytonic assistant can quickly check in with the dedicated manager at any time.



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