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Spread 2 Theme

The Spread Theme is a responsive Wordpress Theme from Flytonic that is great for casino, poker, sportsbook, or other gaming affiliates.

It is completely responsive, translation ready, and easy to customize with a few clicks.

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Showcased Sites Using the Spread 2 Theme

Check out some of the great websites using the Spread 2 Theme.

Spread 2 Theme Overview

spread 2 theme

Are you looking to set up an affiliate website based on online casino gambling? If so, there is no doubt that Spread 2 theme is your best WordPress theme for an impressive website. It’s a perfect  WordPress theme for a sportsbook, poker and casino affiliates. You just have to take a look at our demo and you will see for yourself.

It’s multilingual, super-fast and works with many domains and websites. Moreover, the useful widgets, customizable colors and stunning templates are quite appealing. Its customization will allow you to make your WordPress website stand out from your competitors.

Our detailed analyses have proved that a customized WordPress theme for gambling affiliates can result in a healthy rise in generated revenues. If you haven’t come to terms with this yet, it could be because you don’t yet understand the value of the right spread 2 template to your website.

Articles and blogs might understate how important a WordPress affiliate theme can be to your site and will possibly rate the content quite high as compared to themes, but the theme has a bigger impact on different elements of your site.

In regards to affiliate websites, the more your site appeals to the eyes, the better the chances of your products or services generating revenue. In the same way, a gambling affiliate is mainly based on the impact of your site on the visitor and this is largely based on the theme.

As a result, if you need a great WordPress theme for your casino affiliates, what should you look for? Do you start looking for ways to customize the WordPress theme or will you hire WP theme customization experts?

The Spread 2 Theme is a responsive WordPress Theme from Flytonic that is great for casino, poker, sportsbook, or other gaming affiliates. keep reading to learn more about this remarkable theme.

The Spread Theme features a 2 column design, with right sidebar.  You can view the demo for the various page templates, shortcodes, and custom widgets.

It is completely responsive, translation ready, and easy to customize with a few clicks.

Why Choose Spread 2 Theme

Besides hosting all the casinos and gambling sites that you want to promote, you need an amazing WordPress theme that allows your website visitors to seamlessly interact with your website. As new visitors come to your website, you want all of them to remain on the pages and visit the gaming sites that you recommend.
Technically, picking the right WordPress casino affiliate theme is based on the bounce rate, ease of use, and loading times.
Unfortunately, there are very few options that are available which provide for the needs, which are also free. Rather, the premium WordPress Spread 2 themes are the best option available. They help you control bounce rates, track your rankings, and direct your focus. In doing this, you will allow your customers to clearly see and respond to your content. This is because you will have a very professional website.
Another major reason why you ought to choose this amazing WordPress casino theme is its high level of security. It is without a doubt that you want the user’s information to remain 100% secure. This is one of the ways through which you can gain your user’s trustfully.
For most users, they will trust a website based on the appearance of the site. The users want to find a site that has put lots of work in a responsive format. Also, it makes the experience of the users more controllable and comfortable. Each of the affiliate themes offered by Flytonic is perfectly designed with these features in mind.
As mentioned earlier, the Spread 2 affiliate theme is fully responsive and friendly on both mobile devices and tablets. As a result, it can perfectly retain its appearance even on the smaller screens. The casino theme is translation ready and is available in different languages.
Where the casino theme for WordPress shines though, is when you start to use the easy to use drag and drop feature. It’s ready and primed for eCommerce.
This casino affiliate theme is ideal for any person with a reputed brand that needs to retain its fonts and colors. As a result, it should be very easy for you to customize colors, adjust fonts, and anything in between.


Gallery/Slider Template

The Spread Theme features a Responsive Gallery slider.  You can create custom slides with a button and image that can either link to a post or your site or any other url you wish.

You can use this slider to promote casinos and use an image or banner or the casino as the slide with the url pointed to the casino site directly.

Highly Responsive Theme

Are you searching for a theme for the affiliate marketing WordPress theme? If yes, you should check out the most responsive theme. Since online casinos can be quite busy and with many users, responsiveness plays a major part in how things work in your business.

Spread 2 is a great WordPress theme that will work perfectly for you and your gambling affiliate site in regards to responsiveness. The theme is highly responsive, which is a great feature for any theme. With spread 2 theme, you will never have to worry about the responsiveness of your website.

Translation Ready

This is an important attribute that you will require, demand and want to be on your WordPress theme for gambling affiliates. Nothing else will work out if your theme is not translation ready.

The internet helps you showcase your business to your target audience across the globe, but this will only be possible if people from different regions can access your website in their native language. Because our experienced experts understand how essential it is for a website to be available in many languages, this spread 2 theme comes with built-in translation-ready features.

Easy Customization

When selecting a theme for your site, you might want to consider a theme that allows you to easily customize the website. Essentially, no webmaster wants to spend all their time customizing a theme or hiring a person to do the work.

If this is the case, then you will without a doubt need a WordPress theme that can be customized easily and one that helps you save effort and time of customization by quickly tweaking the code. Spread 2 theme has an easy customization capability that makes it easier for you to customize the website.

While picking a WordPress theme for your site, you can look forward to a WP theme that makes it easier for you to customize the website. As mentioned earlier, no webmaster would want to spend a long time customizing a theme or hiring a person to do so.

You don’t need any development skills or knowledge for you to fully customize the spread 2 themes. All you must know is to select, drag, drop and delete some things, which can be easily done using your mouse.

Attractive Design Variants

Besides being a great WordPress theme for gambling affiliates, spread 2 theme also has a huge impact when it comes to making your website visually appealing. It is a very classy and elegant theme with an ideal color palette selection. You can vary the color which is a great expression for a stunning website.

You can attract any visitor, making them stay on your page and ultimately convert them into buying customers with the elegance that this theme carries. One better way to understand this is because everything visually appealing fetches attention. This will make sure that your products get the attention of your prospects.


WordPress has for many years been a great platform to have casino affiliate or affiliate blog websites. All you have to do is make the best choices without making things sophisticated for yourself. Among the choices you should make, a theme is quite important.

Overlook the WordPress theme and you are setting yourself up for a failed online business. You can ensure that your online casino succeeds by picking spread 2 theme, which is, without doubt, the best theme for casino affiliates. Therefore, are you ready to improve your revenue with an ideal affiliate website theme for an online casino? Check our theme today!

No need to stress yourself because we have a better solution, all you need is a pre-built and perfectly customized theme. Wondering how you can get such a theme? Worry no more because Flytonic experts have resolved the issue for you. Spread 2 is a great theme that adheres to all the industry standards for ideal WP affiliate themes. Moreover, this will greatly help boost your business revenue without largely affecting your expenses.

Spread 2 Theme Frequently Asked Questions

Are any plugins required?

No plugins are needed for this theme. We do recommend an SEO plugin like Yoast WordPress SEO however. No SEO added options are included in the Spread WordPress theme.

Are any casino sites or logos included?

No, you are free to promote any casino, gambling or other affiliate sites you wish. You will need to provide your own logos and content for each.

How many domains can I use this WordPress affiliate theme on?

Unlimited sites and domains.

Is it easy to change colors and background images?

There are a few built-in color options and background theme options. Buttons colors, link colors, header background, navigation background, body background, and a few other options are provided. See the demo for a few of the built-in custom colors and example of what can be changed in the admin area.




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