New Updates to the Casino Review Plugin

Posted by Thomas on June 10, 2019 in News

We have launched a new shortcode table in version 1.9 of the Casino Review Plugin.

We created the new version of the featured casinos shortcodes within the plugin.

Casino review plugin updates via Flytonic

Option 8 of the featured casino shortcodes in the Casino Review Plugin

It is a simple table that displays the casino logo, name, rating, bonus, custom text or bullet points, and play now button.

You can have the option of changing the play now text as well as choosing to show the review link.

By default, it shows the features of the casino or you can enter custom text or bullet points.

Adding this shortcode

Simply choose version 8 in the shortcode dropdown version:

casino review plugin version 8 selection

Choose version 8 in the dropdown

Looking to show the review link?

Check the link to review page box.

show review link

Show review link in the table

More Updates

Look for more updates coming soon.

You can download the latest version in your downloads area.

If you do not already have the plugin, you can save 25% using the code summer.

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