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Posted by Flytonic on July 26, 2009 in News

I have developed a new playing card plugin to easily show playing cards and symbols within your wordpress posts and pages .  Here is an example of output:

:ad::kc: against :9h::10h:

Also check out the icons as well.  5:clubs: 6:diamonds:

There will be regular deck of cards as well as colored set.  I am going to give this away for a link back to one of my gambling sites. Please contact me if you are interested in this plugin.

Backend Screenshot 1


Backend Screenshot 2


WordPress Input

To display the cards you just place 10d or 10s inside 2 colons.  In the backend as you can see above, there will be all the images and codes you need to enter in the posts to display the cards.

Here is the input for this post:


Remember to contact me if you are interested in this plugin. I need to finalize a few things and do some more testing and it will be ready within a week or so.



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