New CTA Shortcode for the Casino Review Plugin

Posted by Flytonic on July 7, 2016 in News

We are pleased to announce an update to the Gambling Review plugin. The New CTA Shortcode for the Casino Review Plugin will allow the users of your website to add extra CTA contents with buttons, text, and titles.

There are great free button code generators that make it quite simpler for you to create a code to make buttons. Essentially, there are some button maker casino review plugins that also do a great job with the creation and display buttons utilizing the shortcodes.
However, what if you just want to display the short description under the main button text.
This code makes it easy for you after you have added different codes to the child theme files, it is just about the customization of the HTML in the shortcode and then pastes it where you need so that it can display the specific button in your WordPress theme. You can check out the different types of top-notch WordPress theme packages. Each of these themes including the WP sports theme, Double Down Casino themes and many others has been designed to the highest standards.

We have added another option to the Casino Shortcodes that add the ability to add CTA (Call to Action) boxes for a featured casino.  These boxes are a great way to promote a casino or other website within any post or text to get maximum exposure to it.

Here is the location on where you pick this New CTA Shortcode for the Casino Review Plugin:


You will pick the CTA Box option to select this shortcode option.

15 Different Background Options

There are 15 different background options and the ability to choose the casino to show, the content to display in the box as well as to link to the review page or actual casino.

CTA Shortcode

You can get this new CTA box in version 1.2 of the Casino Review Plugin.

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