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Posted by Flytonic on April 8, 2016 in News

One of the main reasons why you need a plugin is because you want to improve your website and ultimately generate more traffic to your site. The main way through which you can achieve this if you are an affiliate is by trying out our casino review plugin update, specially designed for online casino affiliates. This post will help you know why you need to find this plugin.
You will be surprised to find out how easy it is for you to install and start using this impeccable plugin. Our developers and designers have crafted the plugins based on their understanding of the current casino gambling industry and what an affiliate needs to make money. As a result, the plugin will make it very easy for you to make enough money as you continue enjoying the simplicity and ease of use.
Register as the affiliate for fantasy websites, poker sites, sportsbooks, online casinos and much more. You will get paid as soon as the visitors check out one of the gambling sites that you had recommended.

We recently released some new additions to the Casino Review WordPress Plugin.  More updates and additions are in the works and feel free to email us if you have an suggestions for improvement or growth.

2 New casino review plugin update Widgets

You now can choose versions 3 and versions 4 of the custom casino widget, see screenshots below.

custom casino widgets

All new casino shortcode table

We have now added a new shortcode table, version 3, which is you typical comparison table.

Flytonic Casino Review Plugin

2 New options to casino featured shortcode

You are now able to choose whether or not the  featured casino shortcode version 1 will link to review or outbound visit link.

Another new featured is ability to add custom text to the CTA rather than the features from the casino.  So you can customize this shortcode content per page or post rather than having the same features on each.

link to review

casino wordpress plugin

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