10+ Top Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs 2023

Posted by Alice on January 8, 2023 in Affiliate Programs

Welcome to our handpicked list of the best fantasy sports affiliate programs.

We’ve reviewed many affiliate programs and we can confidently say that fantasy sports are by far one of the most popular and profitable niches we have come across in our research.

If you are in the betting/fantasy sports industry – you have chosen the right niche. Even so, if your website is already getting traffic, then you are almost there!

Next, you should find one of the best affiliate programs for fantasy sports to join and start making money online. The good news is that we have listed the top fantasy sports affiliate programs right here.


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Fantasy Sports Affiliate Marketing

The first thing you must do to get started in the fantasy sports affiliate marketing business is to find the right niche in the industry. Essentially, since you are looking to make money online, the best option is to choose one of the most popular niches in the industry. As of today, cricket and football are some of the highly popular sports events in the world of fantasy sports.

How To Become A Successful Fantasy Sports Affiliate

Next, you will definitely need a WordPress website. And not just a website, but a stunning affiliate marketing website.

You can get a high-quality WordPress fantasy sports theme from Flytonic. With a WordPress theme that is customized for fantasy sports, it will be very easy for you to set up your fantasy sports affiliate website within minutes.

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Finally, you need to choose one of the fantasy sports affiliate programs listed below.

There are different ways through which you can drive traffic to your affiliate website, but Google Search Traffic, especially SEO is always the best source of traffic.

Although there are different portals where you can play on the Internet, there are some that still host local, live fantasy sports leagues. This demands both time and effort from the organizers. A company such as Fantasy Jocks will be of great help with its collection of draft boards and rings, belts, and trophies.

Also, you can highlight fantasy sports on a highly popular website. For instance, a website on American Football may include fantasy sports. You can also choose to talk or provide content related to sports merchandise.

Notwithstanding the type of player you want to target, the top fantasy sports affiliate programs listed below will offer a profitable way to market quality services and products. The good news is that it offers you an incredible way of making money online promoting casinos.

Fantasy Sports Affiliate Websites

When it comes to the fantasy sports niche, there are multiple types and categories of players. Some are serious; some are casual, while others only stick to a single sport or league. It is for this reason that it’s essential to choose a micro-niche in the fantasy sports industry and use your website to promote them.

One main area that you can choose is fantasy football. Every day there are football games that usually come with huge prize money. For instance, the DFS is a perfect place for experienced and newbie players alike to find an extensive range of sports to pick from and an easier way to make use of the system. Then you can offer them programs like The Quant Edge or Fantasy Data for data, analytics, and statistics that give them an added advantage.

Best Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

Fantasy Sports Affiliate ProgramTop  BrandsCommission
DraftKingsDraftKings, DraftKings Casino, DraftKings SportsbookRevenue Share – 40%
The Quant EdgeThe Quant EdgeRevenue Share – 20%
Draft DashDraft Dash BoardRevenue Share – 50%
FanPicksFanPicksRevenue Share – 50%
Yahoo Sports Daily FantasyYahoo! Daily Fantasy sportsRevenue share – 25% of entry fees
No Halftime SportsNo Halftime SportsRevenue share – 25% – 35%
Fantasy TrophiesFantasy TrophiesRevenue share – 10%
Fantasy Football NerdFantasy Football NerdRevenue share – 15%
FanDuelFanDuel SportsbookRevenue share 25% – 35%
Fantasy JocksFantasy JocksRevenue Share 10% – 30%
Fantasy LabsFantasy Labs$9 Per Sale


1. DraftKings

DraftKings-Fantasy Sports Affiliates-Program



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This is a highly innovative entertainment and sports-tech platform, and a renowned platform of daily fantasy sports that provides daily fantasy sports contests where users can earn money on team and individual player performances.

DraftKings features both paid and free contests in major sports events, like the NBA, NFL, Canadian Football League, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), UEFA Champions League, and more.

DraftKings AffiliatesAffiliate Program Details
BrandsDraftKings, DraftKings Casino, DraftKings Sportsbook
Commission15% – 40% revshare
Main marketsUSA, Canada UK, Malta, Germany

Many of the best fantasy sports you will find on this platform are popular in Ireland, Germany, Malta, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US.

There have been concerns regarding its legality, but you don’t have to worry about this because it’s 100% legal in 41 states across the United States. DraftKings officials work with legislators and government officials for smart regulation and consumer protection. So, you as an affiliate marketer and your followers will always be safe.

Moreover, it’s a great fantasy sports betting affiliate program for different types of players.

Keep in mind that you can promote DraftKings to both beginners and highly experienced players. As mentioned earlier, your followers don’t have to worry about their personal details too. The operator employs a high-level 128-Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect its patron’s sensitive information.

Why Promote DraftKings Affiliate Programs

  • 40% commission for the 1st 30 days of every referral
  • Players sensitive information and funds are always protected using SSL encryption
  • It’s for both experienced and professional players
  • It regularly investigates and monitors players behaviors and routines
More info >Join program >


2. Quant Edge


This is a great platform for those who are interested in fantasy sports teams. Quant Edge offers an effective analytics system with many tools to help you choose the best players. Essentially, this includes things such as player impacts on other players and both teams, injury impacts, advanced metrics, live weather updates, and more.

Quant Edge

Quant Edge

Join program >

You can take advantage of the analytics to gain an advantage in sports betting if this is what you are looking into.

Quant Edge offers you a 7-day free trial period. After the trial period, there are 2 plans that you can choose from. You might choose the one-month pass where you only pay $50. On the other hand, yearly passes cost about $360, which translates to $20 each month. This annual pass can save you about 60% as compared to the month-to-month choice.

Quant Edge AffiliatesAffiliate program details
BrandsNBA, NFL
Commission20% revenue share
Main marketsWorldwide

This fantasy sports affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

Why promote the Quant Edge?

  • Decent commission
  • Focus on the analytic tools can convert customers
More info >Join program >


3. Fanduel Partners


FanDuel Affiliates Program


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FanDuel is a sports betting and fantasy league-betting site that allows players to choose a new fantasy league each week. Players can compete for real money or play for free. Apart from football, FanDuel also hosts other sports such as horse racing, tennis, soccer, golf, or more. Also, the website hosts a casino section.

FanDuel Affiliates
Affiliate program details
Sports brandsFanDuel Sportsbook
Commission35% revenue share
Main marketsCanada, UK, Russia

FanDuel’s features both a revenue share and CPA commission structure. Not to mention the three tiers. With FanDuel, affiliates can earn a $25 – $35 commission for all users under a CPA section. Basically, the commission rate for the revenue share is 35%. However, the affiliate commissions are usually capped at US$1000 per customer each month.

Affiliate partners are supplied with banners, videos, tracking links, and more promotional materials.

Why Promote FanDuel?

  • A great commission rate
  • Numerous fantasy leagues to pick from
  • Free-play can also convert some customers
More info >Join program >


4. DraftDash

Draft-Dash Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

DaftDash Affiliates Program


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Draft Dash is a popular daily fantasy sports program with over 15 tools that players can use to find the best positions, optimize lineups, and discover the best sleepers for fantasy players for a week. Also, there is a 3D game visualizer on-time news, player watch lists to ensure customers can easily keep in a tab on the players they may want to try.

DraftDash Affiliates
Affiliate program details
Sports brandsNBA, NFL, Mixed Martial Arts
Commission50% revenue share
Main marketsUSA, UK, Singapore, China

The best thing about Draft Dash revolves around the fact that patrons can try out the toolkit for free for a period of 30 days. These tools are available 24/7 and no software to download to your computer or mobile device.

There is a 50% commission structure that works at about $20 per revenue share. Affiliate marketing tools and tracking links, including banner ads and text links can be accessed from the affiliate partner webpage. The fantasy sports affiliate program is managed through ClickBank. There is some affiliate who has been able to make over $3,000 every day promoting this program.

Why Promote Draft Dash

  • A 50% commission rate is awesome
  • 30-day free trial
  • A myriad of essential and helpful features
  • Helpful tools available 24/7
More info >Join program >


5. FanPicks

Fanpicks-Affiliate-Program Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

FanPicks Affiliates Program


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FanPicks is a trustworthy and reliable fantasy sports app with an inbuilt game chart feature and amazing in-game action. New players receive a $25 voucher after they register. The voucher can be redeemed for cash, gifts, or merchandise. The company offers fantasy contests in golf, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, and football.

FanPicks Affiliates
Affiliate program details
Sports brandsFanpicks
Commission50% revenue share
Main marketsUK, China, Singapore

This is the only Daily Fantasy Sports website that allows proposition betting. Also, the program offers highly innovative tools, the affiliate partners are offered most of the marketing materials that are needed.

The commission rate is set at 50% per customer for the first month. After 30-days, the affiliates get 25% – 35% on the recurring referrals.

Why Promote FanPicks?

  • The sports app is quite innovative
  • Cookie length and commission rate are excellent
  • Great features like in-game chatting
More info >Join program >

More Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

Here are some more fantasy sports affiliate programs you should consider if you want to delve into affiliate marketing. All these affiliate schemes are free to join.

6. No Halftime Sports

No-Halftime-Sports-Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

No Halftime Sports


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No Halftime Sports is an innovative and responsive fantasy sports mobile app offering one on one-sport competitions. It works by allowing players to place wagers on single sports stars who compete with players. The company includes players from PGA, NASCAR, NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL.

No Halftime Sports Affiliates
Affiliate program details
Sports brandsNFL, NBA, MLB, NHL
Commission25-35% – revenue share
Main marketsUnknown

Customers can join different leagues, but you can only have one account with this fantasy sports affiliate program.

The commission structure comes in three tiers and the affiliate marketers are usually compensated by the amount of money generated by the referrals. 25% – 35% is the base commission rate. Nevertheless, No Halftime Sports also offers 50-70% for the first 3 months.

Why Promote No Halftime Sports?

  • The capability to pit players against one another is entertaining and unique
More info >Join program >


7. Fantasy Trophies

FantasyTrophies fantasy sports affiliate programs

Fantasy Trophies


Join program >

This is a popular trophy store that largely caters to fantasy sports. Trophies like the Armchair Quarterback trophy are high quality and unique with bronze finished figures on top and solid oak bases. Also, customers can order title plates and nameplates for the trophy.

Fantasy Trophies Sports Affiliates
Affiliate program details
Sports brandsHockey, basketball, baseball, football
Commission10% – revenue share
Main marketsRussia, China, UK, Portugal

The top-selling trophies are valued at $400 and $375. The store sets up trophies for gold, NASCAR, hockey, basketball, baseball, and football. Not to mention the awards for fire and police leagues.

Why Promote Fantasy Trophies

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Offers unique trophies
More info >Join program >


8. Fantasy Football Nerd


Fantasy Football Nerd


Join program >

Instead of providing a wide range of fantasy sports and gambling platforms, Fantasy Football Nerd largely focuses on football. This micro-niche focus allows this program to offer features like the player Bang For Your Buck that shows the players who bring in more points but also costs customers less. Players who enjoy playing on the betting platforms can choose the Fantasy Football Nerd to create a possible lineup.

Fantasy Football Nerd Affiliates
Affiliate program details
Sports brandsHockey, basketball, baseball, football
Commission15% – revenue share
Main marketsCanada, UK

The site is fitted with resources, rankings, projects, tools, and information on playing weekly and daily events, and more.

Affiliate partners can use RSS feeds, links, and banners that Fantasy Football Nerd offers of they can use the programs, flexible XML data to build a custom marketing solution.

Why Promote Fantasy Football Nerd

  • A nice commission rate
  • The Bang for Your Buck feature can easily convert customers
More info >Join program >


9. Yahoo Sport Daily Fantasy


Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy


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Yahoo Fantasy features 1-day contests for people looking for some quick fun or some extra cash. The platform is pretty straightforward and allows you to choose a sports league and quickly look for any active contests in your sport.

Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports AffiliatesAffiliate program details
Sports brandsDaily Fantasy Sports Affiliates
Commission25% revenue share
Main marketsSingapore, Germany, Russia

You can pay some entry fees on some pages and start working. Furthermore, besides the daily contests, they also offer an array of fantasy leagues that stretch over the gaming session. The sports that you can find in this company include hockey, basketball, baseball, football, and college football.

More info >Join program >


10. Fantasy Jocks

Fantasy Jocks Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

Fantasy Jocks


Join program >

Fantasy Jocks is a great casino affiliate program for those looking for a company that hosts serious fantasy football leagues. There are many people who dedicate endless hours of research into the leagues, and Fantasy Jocks believes this should never be ignored.

They sell championship leagues, rings, and belts for leagues looking to award the physical prizes those winners will be proud of. They have different designs for every prize. For the leagues, which operate in person, the company offers real-life draft boards, which makes it easier for customers to organize players.

To join the fantasy sports affiliate program you should send them an email and they will get in touch with you. The good news is that they boast of an easy and fast program that you can set up in a few minutes.

More info >Join program >


11. FantasyData

FantasyData-Affiliate-Program esports



Join program >

The Fantasy Data Affiliate Program is an online sports betting and fantasy sports platform that includes NASCAR, soccer, horse racing, eSports, MMA, and other sports. The site includes multiple tabs for podcasts, betting calculators, odds, public betting as well as expert choices for college basketball, college football, NBA, and the NFL.

Fantasy Labs AffiliatesAffiliate program details
Sports brandscollege basketball, college football, NBA, and the NFL
Commission20% revshare
Main marketsUK, Canada, Sweden

Also, the Fantasy Data Affiliate Program features 2 paid subscription packages with additional plans. Moreover, the Action Edge plan includes unlimited bet tracking and comes with an extra 90-day free trial period. After this trial period, customers can pay $5 every month. Also, the Action Pro plan that costs about $60 every month includes the capability to follow systems with a proven ROI.

The Fantasy Data Affiliate Program is managed by ShareASale.


More info >Join program >

Bottom Line

If you run a fantasy sports website or blog, this article is for you. Its always important to check whether the affiliate scheme you wish to join is licensed by a reputed jurisdiction such as the UKGC, Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao, or others.

Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs FAQs

What’s the highest paid fantasy sports affiliate program.

Here are our top picks for high paying fantasy sports affiliate programs.
1. Fanpicks
2. Draft Dash
3. No Halftime Sports
4. FanDuel
5. Fantasy Jocks

Does FanDuel have a sports affiliate program?

Yes, buts its upon you to put efforts in order to succeed as a fantasy sports affiliate marketer. With proper marketing tools and techniques, you can easily make $1000 per month as an affiliate marketer.

Does DraftKings have an affiliate program?

Yes, you can check out our review for the best fantasy sports affiliate programs. It’s easy to join DraftKings. Just click on the ‘Join Now’ link and follow instructions to get started.

What fantasy sports websites have affiliate programs?

There are many fantasy sports sites with affiliate programs. Just read through our detailed review to choose one that best suits your needs.

What is better FanDuel or DraftKings affiliate program?

The main difference lies in the commissions they offer. Basically, with a 40% commission, DraftKings stands out against FanDuel, which has a commission of between 25% and 35%.

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