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In this article, we’ll help you kick-start your online casino affiliate marketing career. If you have an existing website and want to monetize as an affiliate or online casinos for Brazilian players, here we will save you time and find the best online casino affiliate programs in Brazil and keep you away from rip-offs. Regardless of the nature of your website, here you’ll find the top casino affiliate program in Brazil that matches your niche.

So, why do we only recommend the 5 best online casino affiliate programs in Brazil? First, keep in mind that each of the casino affiliate programs we’ve listed here includes more than one casino. For instance, Buffalo partners have over 15 casino sites and Rewards Affiliates has 20 online casinos and also sports betting websites.

Why you sign up at any of the following Brazil affiliate programs, you’ll have a wide range of brands you can promote.

Why only 5 casino affiliate programs in Brazil? Simply so that you don’t make the same mistake we made when we started affiliate marketing. There are many scammers in the casino market. We want you to avoid these fraudsters at all costs. Any wrong move will ruin your Brazil casino affiliate marketing career.

These casinos affiliate programs offer more than 50 online casinos and sports betting websites to promote. They are well-established and renowned brands.

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About Casino Affiliate Marketing

The first, and most important thing you should know about casino affiliate marketing is that there are different payment models. Most casino affiliate programs in Brazil offer rev share and CPA deals.

What is a rev share?

Rev share is a portion of a gamers’ losses paid to the partners by an affiliate program. If you sign as an affiliate to a particular affiliate program, and then you send in a player, and that player places a deposit and then makes losses, you will get a rev share. For instance, if your prevailing Deal is marked at 25%, you will get at least $23. The reason why the $2 is deducted from the actual percent is to cater to the charges the gambling or casino website has to pay.

What is a CPA deal?

CPA is also known as Cost Per Acquisition. This implies that a casino will reward you with a flat percentage of at least $235 for each real depositing gamer that you refer towards the casino. Also, there is a minimum deposit, which a player must place before they get the commission. We recommend rev share plan to affiliates for its good if you are seeking to become a long-term partner.

Brazil Casino Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate isn’t a simple task at all. Not everyone can just create a site and install links and other great features,

Gamers who visit your website want to understand crucial things such as software, license, welcome bonuses, and above all, know whether the state they come from supports that casino. They try avoiding falling into pits of pointless and pop-ups flash banners.

Casino partners actually require to upgrade their website daily or weekly. This sector is faced with a lot of competition. But the main factor that drives this competition is to see who can make it at the top of the search engines. Paying for promotions doesn’t elevate the site’s SEO. We advise you to join Semrush or SEO Moz for the Free Trial and understand what works.

If the affiliate world was that simple everyone will be enjoying doing it. We also operated a site for the top casino bonuses and we made no profits for at least one year. You must be committed and determined to become a successful casino affiliate.

Players will enroll at your casino if the website provides them with interesting reviews or best offers. You really need to discuss with your affiliate manager and come up with free casino bonuses portal for keeping them happy. To summarize, there are many things that can be done to attract members. Though, don’t anticipate them to enroll if you don’t offer incentives.

How To Get Started As A Casino Affiliate Marketer In Brazil

Step One: Select A Site Design Platform

The first crucial step is, to begin with, a site design platform. This is the point whereby you will create your site. We have listed 2 top and simple to utilize site builders, every partner requires to build their site. There is no way out of this since this is where all the fun begins.

After choosing your site builder, you will have to learn how to utilize these tools as well as other crucial features the site builder has in store for you.

We have selected Joomla and WordPress that have all the needed building tools to help you take your site online simply.

You have to get a domain name, which is your site address.

Step Two: Create A Site

Now that you have already selected a site builder that you will require for building your site, you will need to select the niche you will be aiming at. We won’t go deeper into SEO as this is a simple thing that you can learn from our informative SEO guide. After choosing your niche, you will now require to create a good site and get started.

It’s crucial to note that your site requires to appear attractive and move smoothly for your visitors. Make it simple for your site visitors to get what they are searching for faster. Ultimately, have the best design.

Step Three: Search For Casino Affiliate Programs In Brazil

After getting done with your site design, you will now require to apply for casino affiliate programs. To get yourself revenue, you will require to post or market casino brands or other materials. You should not apply for these programs first as most of these affiliate programs don’t approve partners who don’t own an active site.

Luckily, we have posted the safest and top casino affiliate programs that can be found online. The other important thing you should check first before committing to an affiliate program is whether that specific program accepts traffic within the states you are aiming for.

Step Four: Do SEM, SEO Affiliate Promotion

After becoming an affiliate you require to remember that it needs hard work to begin making revenue from your site. Below, we have provided you with some main tips to assist you to get started within the casino affiliate venture.

  • Don’t take a casino affiliate program as a get-rich-quick scheme. You require to be very determined to work hard and be patient.
  • Update your site regularly with the top or popular news and offers from the brands you promote and be cunning always. Make sure you do the things other affiliates aren’t capable of doing.
  • Once again, be slow on your journey to success, you will move up the ladder as you continue with your journey as an affiliate. It’s always wise to understand that Google loves good content. Your site must provide readers with something good. Also, your site requires containing details, which gamers would love to come back for time after time.
  • This will assist with your SEO.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs In Brazil

1. Fruity Affiliates


Fruity Affiliates


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Fruity affiliates is the official casino affiliate program that is responsible for promoting Fruity Casa Casino. To get started, it’s crucial to state that Fruity Casa is also involved with Branders Partners program. So, affiliates are provided with a wide range of selections to choose from the various programs to market Fruity Casa.

Established back in 2014, Fruity Casa is certainly famous in the UK, and English is the only language available. Affiliates can get up to 40% revenue by marketing fruity Casa. This has been made easy by the use of Egass software that helps partners with Webmaster tools. These include casino banners; data concerning deposits and sign-ups, as well as tracking links.

We have reviewed this fruity casino affiliate program and we have discovered that it comes with no negative balances. Furthermore, knowledgeable support is available 24/7, and there are strong available marketing tools for affiliates to utilize.

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2. Twin Affiliates

Twin Affiliates Leading Casino Affiliate Program

Twin Affiliates

twin Affiliates - best casino affiliate programs in brazil

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Twin affiliates is the primary affiliate program for Twin Casino and utilizes Gofiliate software. This program offers affiliates everything they require to market twin casinos. A host of promotional tools as well as friendly support service offers back up around the clock.

Up to 50%  rev share makes this program attractive, regardless of the fact that this program only provides one site. Twin affiliates provide customers with arguably more payment options compared to other programs. Affiliate managers are assigned to all users and offer them all the tools required to promote Twin Casino.

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3. 7bit Partners


7bit Casino Affiliate

7Bit Affiliates - best casino affiliate programs

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7Bit Partners is the official affiliate program that is responsible for promoting casino properties including Mars Casino as well as 7bit casino. This affiliate program was launched back in 2014, and their products utilize software from Play’N GO, Microgaming’s quickfire platform, Betsoft Gaming, Yggdrasil, Endorphina, among others. Their products primarily aim at Eastern European players. 7Bit Partners provide affiliates with banners and images for their social media accounts and sites. They also offer the tools for running marketing campaigns, offered by the popular Softswiss software.

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4. Bitstarz Affiliates


Bitstarz Casino Affiliate

bitstarz Affiliates - best casino affiliate programs in brazil

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Bitstarz affiliate program is the main affiliate program for Bitstarz casino, the most popular cryptocurrency domain available online. The casino comes with more than 6,000 top games, therefore, promoting it is made simple. Marketing the casino through the Bitstarz affiliate program is made even simpler with the vast range of promotional tools offered to the members.

Bitstarz allows its partners to aim at FIAT and bitcoin players differently. But, by marketing Bitstarz casino to FIAT and bitcoin currency users once, players can increase their commissions. Players are offered news, banners, newsletters, as well as reports to assist them with their work.

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5. Bethard Affiliates


BetHard Casino Affiliates

bethard Affiliates - best casino affiliate programs

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BetHard affiliates is the primary casino affiliate program for an umbrella of brands that includes fast bet, BetHard casino and sportsbook, and sverigecasino. Powered by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this affiliate program is hugely famous with Scandinavian-based partners. This should assist make promoting these products easy if you are aiming at that particular audience.

BetHard partners can get marketing tools for the product and other promotional tools at the group’s site. This program also includes the chance to get optimized banners fit for your website, with the help offered for articles, news, as well as content.

More info >Join program >

Final Thoughts

So, that’s all – 5 of the best online casino affiliate programs in Brazil we could find.

However, there are hundreds of other gambling affiliate programs though, but we are quite choosy about who we list on our site.

Here we’ve focused on programs that don’t just pay well, but also offer a dedicated affiliate team and marketing tools to support you.

The gambling and online casino niche can be very lucrative, but this means you can also expect lots of competition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about casino affiliate programs in Brazil.

Casino affiliates how it works?

Casino Associates or Casino affiliates is an affiliate promotional program. Site owners and bloggers are welcomed to join Casino associates. They market casino brands on their websites through creating links. When clients click the links as well as purchase Casino products, they get referral fees.

How long do casino affiliate programs in Brazil take to approve affiliates?

It’s free to enroll for the program. However, before you can begin utilizing affiliate links, Casino must first approve your account. This normally happens between 12-24 hours.

Is it easy to become a Casino affiliate in Brazil?

Casino affiliates is the simplest program on the whole world. To market products from Casino, you require the right platform where you will display or advertise the products. You can use a YouTube channel, site, or a mobile app though it’s must be a medium that will be common for you as well as your visitors.

How does Brazilian casino affiliate programs pay?

Casino affiliate program is basically a referral program, which pays revenues to referring sites. Therefore, when you refer a client towards Casino through a link on your site, you receive a share of the sale of anything they buy for a day. January payments are made within the end of March. February payment is made within the end of April, and so on.

Are casino affiliates worth it?

Yes. It’s worth it since Casino offers the best conversion rates in online shopping faculty. Currently, casino affiliate program is the best program for newbies in digital and online marketing.

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