Casino Affiliate Marketing: Top Casino Streamers

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Unless you haven’t been living on planet earth for the past 10 years, it’s highly likely you’ve heard about casino affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising where an online retailer or company pays you (mostly in form of commissions) for promoting their services and products and helping them generate more sales. It’s expected that the gambling affiliate market industry will reach more than $10 billion in the United States alone and more than $15 billion across the globe. Nonetheless, we have all heard the huge figures, what about we put a name to the numbers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most successful casino affiliates from across the globe. However, in this article, we’ll focus on the most successful casino affiliates and streamers.

Casino live streams enable you to watch live broadcasts on your laptop/desktop or a mobile device. You can watch live as casino streamer players enjoy table games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette or spin classic slots. Also, you will be able to see how they manage their playing bankroll or walk away with huge winnings.

Casino Affiliate Marketing: Top Casino Streamers

Who Are Casino Streamers?

Live casino streamers kicked off in the last 5 years and are gaining popularity so fast as a form of enjoyment. Casino streams are both fun to watch and educative. The Casino streamers have existed since 2015 but it’s just recently that they have acquired popularity. Casino streamers are both casino affiliates and real money-spinners.

Popular websites that you can stream from include casinos online having a wide range of games mainly slots. Popular  casino affiliate programs include Mr Green, Guts Affiliates, and Betsson Group Affiliates as well as United Kingdom websites like Betfair and Bet365. Because you don’t know what the outcome will be, many people tend to stick around until the game is over and this is the main reason behind its popularity.

Casino Streamers Today

Casino streaming has become a very profitable business. Some players have this notion that this might harm casino streamers’ credibility, as a growing number of operators use this as an idea of online marketing. For instance, LeoVegas, a Swedish powerhouse is using casino streaming as their casino feature to stream games exclusively from their catalog. There is aggressive competition between operators, and casinos online are exploring new marketing techniques avenues. Live streaming is a top-notch method to attract new players.

Live Streaming Giveaways

Viewer competition is the best way to attract new players to join streaming channels such as casino streaming. Many competitions are usually in the form of raffle or prize draw and the goal behind casino live streaming is to attract players to subscribe or even register with a particular casino you are marketing. This way, casino streamers are able to build a healthy relationship with the casino operators and at the same time make some money.

Casino streaming giveaways are very easy to participate in; normally, all that is required of you is to register with your preferred streaming platform and login in. live streamers not only have competitions for their viewers but also arrange giveaways and provide a philanthropic aspect, where all money donated to the platform is given to a particular charity.

Best 10 Casino Streaming Channels

With a variety of best casino streaming channels, it’s very challenging to find a popular, knowledgeable and reputable channel in the streaming community. But, this shouldn’t worry you, as we have done the hard work for you and have compiled the top casino streaming channels across the globe.

10. AyeeZee (Twitch)

Ziad only began the AyeZee Twitch platform in 2019. However, he has acquired a good following of more than 100K followers from that time. Also, he is very clear about his transactions, offering links to his crypto accounts to allow viewers to verify his transfers and cashouts. He is a Lebanese South African casino streamer and has also partnered with Rollbit casino.

9. AngelMelly (Twitch)

With a solid 267K followers on Twitch, AngelMelly is the first female to make it on our list of the best casino streamers. Melissa is a girl that loves having fun and has an affinity for anything associated with the casino. Based in New Zealand, Melissa is also our first non-Scandinavia-based streamer to appear on our list. This girl has many talents because, besides the Twitch streams, she has a YouTube channel where she focuses on reaction videos and singing. However, Melissa’s Twitch channel is sponsored by

8. ClassyBeef (Twitch)

This is a casino streaming that is based in Malta. Just as suggested by its name, this platform offers pure adrenaline and enjoyment and has over 184K followers. This channel is hosted by 7 members who offer a good laugh for the viewers that like humor and real money slots streams. Like AngelMelly, ClassyBeef has also affiliated with

7. Trainwreckstv (Twitch)

Trainwreckstv channel has the highest following on Twitch of 1.5 million. This channel combines video games with casino gameplay, providing something for every viewer. With over 2,500 hours streamed from 2015, he is a veteran of this platform. Similar to our previous 2 steamers, he is also affiliated with

6. DeuceAce (Twitch)

DeuceAce is another famous casino streamer in Twitch and since grade school, he has been a friendly competition with ROSHTEIN. You can read this and more information in his bio. He a more than 167K followers and he describes himself as a smooth and methodical gamer with a good background in finance. Jay has affiliated with a couple of online casinos such as SlotV and KingBilly.

5. Tyceno (Twitch)

Tyceno is another popular casino streamer who loves combining casino games and video games during his streams. With more than 544K followers on Twitch and a YouTube channel having more than 1 million followers, he isn’t an comer but he’s already in the big leagues. Tyceno is 24 years old and is a Stream Labs All-Star, which means he isn’t a stranger to the channel. He has also partnered with Roobet.

4. Xposed

With more than 6 years of casino streaming in Twitch, Cody of Xposed isn’t a stranger in this platform. Currently, he is streaming casino games on his channel and is performing very well at the time. Although he can’t be classified as the biggest streamer, he’s a good steaming of over 382K followers. Also, he has partnered with Roobet casino.

3. CasinoDaddy (Twitch)

CasinoDaddy hosts have without a doubt made a good reputation for themselves in the world of casino streaming. On Twitch, they have a whooping 158K followers. The Swedish hosts call themselves ‘bros’. They like playing poker, high stakes slots, and other popular casino games on their fourteen-hour daily streams. This bunch is very dedicated to its work. CasinoDaddy is affiliated with CashiMashi, Playluck, KingBilly, among others.

2. VonDice (Twitch)

According to VonDice, his charming personality and winning smile alongside his interest and undying love for slots are what define him. VonDice is the best friend with Deuces, another Twitch streamer that we have described above. Since he started streaming he has gained 149K followers and likes to engage with his viewers on chat. Stake and SlotV are 2 sites that is have affiliated with.

1. ROSHTEIN (Twitch)

It’s very simple to recognize ROSHTEIN because during his streams he usually sports a hat. A great personality in the Twitch casino sphere, ROSHTEIN has more than 659K followers. He’s very heavy-handed and has a good persona that has helped him gain high popularity. In the casino streaming sphere, he is known for his massive high stake wagers on all games he takes part in. he has partnered with a few casinos including SlottyVegas and Mr. Green.

There are 2 popular players having the biggest variety of casino streaming; YouTube and Twitch. This is where you can find popular players playing top casino games.

Best Platforms For Watching Casino Streamers

Twitch has more subscribers and variety for live casino streaming and a user-friendly experience with easier navigation and superior design. But, because the website’s dominant demographic is viewers of tender age, YouTube is likely to ban live streaming content completely or remove it. Therefore, Twitch is the best live streaming platform.


Having appeared on the screen back in 2011, Twitch has gained high popularity with more than 100,000,000 special visitors and more than 1.7 million streamers on the live streaming website. A front-runner within the live-streaming race, Twitch has become the best go-to place for many viewers who want to watch live casino streaming. Twitch has a chatbox as well to allow viewers to interact directly with the streamers.

Twitch allows players to watch their best slot games and provides them with a platform where they can ask questions, discuss strategies, and exchange useful ideas.

Platforms For Watching Casino Streamers

YouTube Live

YouTube is a leading video hosting platform for millions of people across the globe. Also, YouTube is the home to countless travel and incredible kids vlogs. Currently, it has a live streaming service though it’s not famous like Twitch. YouTube has one advantage over Twitch, as users are able to broadcast to different platforms.

Casino Affiliate Marketing: Top Casino Streamers

Is Casino Streaming Legal or A Scam?

On the web, there is a major disagreement about what type of casino affiliates should be considered scammers or how to differentiate real streamers from fake ones. This is a great problem as the fake streamers are even ruining the reputation of the real ones. Viewers are very suspicious in the world of online gaming.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that casino streamers with affiliates aren’t scammers. Affiliates might offer special bonuses to the streamers’ visitors in exchange for cash for each player that visits their website via the streamers link.

Issues arise when casinos start offering test accounts to casino affiliates. Essentially, the money provided is fake, which means that there is no real risk. You can determine fake accounts via the huge sums in the account. So, the streamer will be streaming the game’s demo version and acting as if they are playing with real money.

Legitimate and real players should play with real money. Some casino affiliates even show how they deposit live. Others allow players to access their transactions to prove they are playing real money casino games.

How To Become A Casino Live Streamer

Do you want to become a live casino streamer? All you have to do is to set up a casino live stream. This is usually a simple process though gaming a dedicated following isn’t simple. According to some streamers, you can take up to 1 year to get recognized in the community. Having good knowledge of casino games and being passionate is very helpful. Also, you need to be very comfy when live streaming. Everything you do or say should come out natural.

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Casino Streaming FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about casino streamers

Are the winnings displayed by live casino streamers legitimate?

Yes. When a streamer streams casino games directly from the site, the losses or wins are 100% genuine.

Do operators increase the RTPs of slots for live streaming?

RTP of a game is set by the provider and is non-variable. Operators aren’t capable of skewing the games’ RTP for the sake of live streaming. Besides that, it will be very sneaky to do that.

Do casino streaming platforms make huge amounts of money?

This differs massively, with the average live streamer getting around $5,000 each month from sign-ups after subtracting losses on games. The high-performing streamers can get up to $100,000 per month during peak times.

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