About The Call to Action Plugin

The Flytonic Call to Action plugin is an easy to use plugin for WordPress which allows use to insert call to action promo boxes and buttons inside posts or pages.


Call to Action Plugin by Flytonic

The purpose of this plugin is to increase conversions and get more clicks on outbound links in a articles, posts, or other content pages.

Instead of creating your own graphics and editing the html and style of a theme, you can insert your own call to action in a matter of minutes with this plugin.

View the demo and example of the Call to Action Plugin =>

Here is a video of the Call to Action plugin and a quick overview and example of use:

More info

  • You can use the plugin on any WordPress theme and it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (3.5+)
  • Just upload and activate to install
  • Multiple domain use and lifetime updates

View the demo of the Call to Action Plugin =>

Plugin Details

Plugin: Call to Action Plugin
Release Date:
Last Update: June 24, 2014
Current Version: 1.12

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